Monday, September 6, 2010

The Tarantula Chronicles: Part 3

Now Jacob decided that 10 gallon tank was just too small. He already had a big 40 gallon tank prepped and ready so he transfered Aragog into it.

He researched more. He joined an online forum called Arachnoboards and posted questions and got answers. The biggest concern was whether this was a female (suppose to be) or a male tarantula.

We got a book. A good one. And immediately he started more reading although he had done plenty already online but they all recommended this book. It has beautiful pictures and a whole bunch of very detailed and honest and helpful information.
Jake was loving having this lively and interesting tarantula. He loved watching it eat big crickets and it was eating good. I think he said it ate around 9 crickets the first week.
Look at those hairs! See them? You don't want them to flick those hairs on you. Oh no. They have little barbs on them. Also, when they lift those back legs they aren't in a happy mood.
Aren't we so glad it's behind that glass...oh, yes I am.
Jacob is intrigued. Jacob is delighted. Jacob never forgets that he now has an extra tank.

You see where I'm going here?  Yes, you're right. 

Jacob has his sights on another one. In fact, he knows which one. 

More coming up.....much more and it involves people with spider tattoos and more snakes around me than I've ever seen all in one place.