Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Tarantula Chronicles: Part 7

Ever wonder how a tarantula arrives in the mail? Well, let me tell you.

Since Jacob had previously bought a tarantula at an exotic Pet Store and then at a Reptile Show, now it was time to try buying them thru the mail.

It was a very positive experience with Mike from North Carolina who Jacob met on Arachnoboards.

Jacob purchases some poecilotheria ornatoa's.

They arrived in a US postal truck in this box and sat on my hall bench until Jacob arrived home. We passed that box all day and watched it carefully. I did have a fleeting thought of getting Jacob out of school early but I thought better of that. I'd, of course, have to lie. I couldn't say he needed to come home and unpack his tarantulas. The attendance lady would, for sure... looked at me very weirdly.

So we waited.

I love the position of Jacob's hand in this picture.

It's like....okaaay.....I'm ready.  I'm watching. 
I'm waiting.....ahhhh...I think I'll remove this bag.....very gently.
 To be continued........