Friday, September 10, 2010

The Tarantula Chronicles: Part 5

Jacob made his choice. It was a good one. A beautiful one. It's called a pink zebra beauty.

She's a female. She has a unibrow. Jake named her Unice. She is friendly. Honestly. A way different personality than testy Mr. Goliath Birdeater who's never going to be friendly no matter how much you feed him and smile at him thru the glass.

So this is the part you may not approve of. We stopped for lunch. And brought her in with us. We couldn't leave her all alone in the van now could we?  It might get hot.  Someone might take her. She might be sad and lonely....well, maybe not that. 
 We were quiet about it. No big deal. It looks like a carry out container anyway. Fits right in.

Who would mind? She's friendly after all.

More to come...yep....more still.