Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Tarantula Chronicles: Part 6

Jacob is always very careful and gentle with placing his spiders in their new environment.
He provides water and good warm soil and a hide for them to nestle in. He keeps a thermometer and humidity gauge inside.  His Dad owned a tarantula as a kid and is very comfortable checking out this new one. He knows how to pick them up and treat them kindly.
Jacob was also very comfortable right away this this little guy....or I mean gal. She's sweet natured and not easily offended. She doesn't pose in a threat position. She just kinda walks around and enjoys her world.

There's pretty much no place she minds traveling to or visiting.

Jacob encourages others to share in the enjoyment but watches over her like a mother hen. He's very protective and doesn't take his eyes off her. Have I held her yet? No...not yet. I might. I probably will. But not just yet. I'm not ready. I like to admire their beauty....and they ARE beautiful....from the distance of a camera lens.

Jacob's great grandma was willing to look and sit near it but I think the expression on her face says more than any words I could say. Some folks have that reaction.
Have you seen enough yet?
Well, this isn't the end of the story yet.
There's still more to come.
We're on an adventure.

But there will be a slight pause in the
as we discuss the options of adding
3 very colorful...yet more serious...
 baby tarantulas to the collection.

Ahhhhh....not so
sure about this decision yet.

I'm just so not sure this is a good idea.
Jacob is sure though.
We'll see.
Stay tuned.