Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It's my blog

I love my blog.

It's random...although I do tend to post lots of work related party decorating pictures because that's what I do. But I like to throw in the personal ramblings too.

It makes me think in a new light.

It surprises me most of the time. I never felt like I was writer.  But since it's my blog there's nobody to ok it but myself. I give myself the ok to be whatever I am on it and just see what comes up.

It's no pressure....no deadline. It's there whenever I want it be. It just hangs around waiting for me to say whatever I want. I like that.

It's mundane just like so many other ones that I read and wonder why I'm enjoying theirs so much.

Details matter. They are what make up the day. Just ask Ashton Kutcher... or Dooce...or Pioneer Women....My Janee...or my nephew and big wheel web guy MickMel.....all bloggers who I think are fun to follow to hear their "details".

And now I follow Blogher on Facebook. What's more all about those tiny details of life than Facebook....well, unless you follow Michael Moore or the Huffington Post who post about BIG SERIOUS THINGS. I follow those too. But I hate to admit that I head to the crazy family posts first to see who's doing what. I like to hear those family details. You wouldn't necessarily make a phone call to share a random small detail but you'd put it on Facebook. I guess that's the reason we like Facebook and the reason we blog and the reason I can put a crazy video of my daughter and son-in-law on here....just because I can and I want to and it's fun. The End.