Friday, September 3, 2010

The Tarantula Chronicles: Part 1

Jacob is taking me down a road I never expected to visit or never expected to enjoy so much.

I'm calling this adventure our "TARANTULA CHRONICLES".

Jacob is an adventurer. An experimenter. An inventor. Inquisitive to the max. He decided that tarantulas would make an interesting and exciting and enthralling pet. It has been all those things so far.

The first one was acquired from a pet store. Jacob "jumped in with both feet" as they told him on a Tarantula Forum he found online. He got a Goliath Birdeater that is mean and gets large. As large as a dinner plate.

Here's Jacob and the pet store owner discussing his choices. There were two possible ones he selected.  He had called earlier and had researched and knew what he wanted. Haley and Jake looked at the entire selection but quickly zeroed in on the pre-chosen ones.

He studied.

He pondered.

He made a choice.

To be continued...........There's much more.